Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Carrington Farm

"Locally Grown & Veteran Owned"

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                                                                                   From Our Farm To Your Table

Our mission is to bring you fresh, high quality, locally raised beef, pork and poultry.

        We have partnered with local family farms to provide our customers with the highest quality natural beef, pork and poultry
This quality is achieved by focusing on the humane and ethical treatment of the animals, and through sustainable farming practices. 

    Our beef is grass fed and grain finished using a unique blend of corn and other small grains. This blend results in a bold flavor and the highest quality tenderness and marbling.  Our pork is fed all natural corn and small grain. Our poultry is all farmed free range pasture raised. We supplement their natural foraging diet with only Non-GMO grain. This results in a slow grown, healthy  and flavorful product. 

    There are no additives or growth hormones used in our products at any time. The quality of our meat reflects these practices and commitment in every bite!


Ocean Meets Land Catering:

Carrington Farm has consistently provided us the highest quality beef and pork for our business. The way they  care as much about the animals as they do the taste and quality of their product is a winning combination!!



We are a small family owned business, that is committed to providing our customers the highest quality meats while supporting small, family owned local farms. We source our beef, pork and poultry from local farmers that follow the highest standards of ethical treatment of animals and sustainable farming practices. We value all custumer feedback.  Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns or comments. 

Come out and see us!!

Carrington Farm has partnered with Southard's Seafood. We will have a large inventory of beef and pork products available every Friday afternoon from 12:00 -5:30. We are set up across from Gibson's auction on rt 20. Come out and taste Southard's amazing fresh seafood and try our local beef and pork!!